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Our Mission


In providing a loving, nurturing environment, our goal at Little Genius Academy Learning Centers is to help your children become confident, independent learners who will develop a strong sense of self-worth, enabling them to make positive life choices.

Our Philosophy

Little Genius Academy provides a nurturing environment for children and an unprecedented level of training to their teachers, which redefines early care and education programs! We 

are committed to providing an environment that fosters healthy cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. We create a classroom community by establishing a relationship among the children, the families, and the teachers. Our programs are based on a sense of respect and belongingness.

We provide highly trained teachers and state-of-the-art facilities and classrooms. The Little Genius Academy curriculum fosters physical growth, cognitive and social-emotional development for your children, incorporating the family and community as an integral component of learning.


Our goal is to EXCEED parents' expectations and ENHANCE children's potential!

We understand the importance of communication so that parents are engaged, informed and connected to their child’s progress and daily routine. We strive to develop meaningful partnerships with families. To develop this relationship, we take time to make families feel comfortable and respected in our program. We involve families in developing a plan for their child, share valuable information about children’s development and progress, and openly communicate, so parents feel engaged and connected. We have an open door policy at Little Genius Academy. Our staff and administration always welcome questions and feedback.

Health & Safety

The safety and security of each child is our number one priority. We strive to ensure your child is provided with a clean and healthy environment in which to learn and grow. At Little Genius Academy, our environment is exceptionally clean, organized and well structured.


We provide CPR and first aid training for all of our staff members. Each classroom has an emergency First Aid kit containing emergency action plans, rescue inhalers and EpiPens as needed. 


Our facilities are safe and secure. We use procare systems, limiting building access to authorized staff members and families only. Individual family key fobs allow unannounced entrance of parents while requiring direct employee assistance for guests and visitors. All major areas of the building including entrances, classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds are equipped with administrator state of the art monitored security cameras.

Our Team

We know that the first five years of life have a deep and lasting impact on your child’s development, so we’re honored to be included in the process of shaping your children’s future.


 Mrs. Angela who is co-founder of LGA, opened the doors to our very 1st location right here in Metuchen in 2002.  Along with a great management team, we strive to build a relationship with not just the children but our LGA families. We are proud to say that many of our teachers have been with LGA for many years. Our teachers are educated professionals that comprehend developmentally appropriate curriculum. The teachers implement monthly lesson plans that go home to each family to foster parent/school communication. All teachers also continue their educational learning each year through a diversity of workshops, seminars and courses through local and state conferences. This further safeguards excellence and cultivates information on the latest child-care theories and practices.

Enrichment Activites

For an additional fee you can enroll your child in the following programs:

  • Stretch & Grow

  • Shooting Stars Basketball program

  • Metuchen Dance

  • Fun Bus


Angela Holdren Worth


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